Sounded Good On Paper


Sounded Good On Paper.

Where to begin? ‘Sounded Good On Paper’ started out as a website on July 1st 2004┬ábecause I had money burning a hole in my pocket. I had no idea how to manage a site, hell I had no idea what to put on the site. Eventually I had decided to turn it into a review web site. I had a small staff working with me and we would review anything we could get our grubby little hands on. It was at that point that we started a web forum. The forum became pretty popular, hundreds of posts daily. We had a nice little click running the forum and the web page just became something to make the forum seem legit. It was at that point that a good friend on the forum, Hutchy, told me he knew HTML and was studying it in school. I had given him the access to change the main page and we looked legit.

For reasons I can no longer remember, I got fed up with the domain in it’s current state. I became more and more paranoid that I was going to end up taking the fall for some of the very questionable content that the forum users had been posting and started to try to steer the already very active user base towards something legit. Lesson learned. I was met with resistance, sometimes to the max. I had graduated from college and was looking for a good career, I didn’t need to have a website get me in trouble because I had given it free range. I ended up deleting the forums, then the main site. The domain was empty again.

Once again I had become bored with just surfing the internet and got in a creative mood. I had just gone to a great concert and decided that SGOP should go back to being a review site, but for concerts. I had uploaded some pictures I took on my camera phone along with the set list for the show I had just been to with a note at the bottom that “review coming soon”. As you can guess, the review never came. The website became stagnant again.

Now we’re caught up to the most recent incarnation of Sounded Good On Paper. David and I work at the same company and we often goof around over breaks and lunch coming up with stupid ideas we quickly jot down in MS PAINT. Remembering that I have an empty domain, I offered to upload our ‘artwork’ so we could send it around to friends. Stev, wanting no part in the comics, has joined the team as a blogger.

We are looking forward to a very productive future, and if we loose interest in a couple months it’s not like I didn’t warn you.

– – Bill – January 2008

Update 2011:
Stev later moved back to Boston where he had attended college. Along with moving from the area, he decided that he wanted to start his own website. You can find that website here. I’m not going to lie to you, dear readers, Stev’s website is a lot better than this one and more frequently updated. David and I continue to work at the same company but we no longer have time to hang out or draw silly MS Paint cartoons. David can be found on the Bloodhoof World of Warcraft server under the name Pinefresh.

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