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April 26th 2010: CftPA live at Johnny Brenda’s

Hey everyone,

I have to say that last night’s Casiotone for the Painfully Alone concert was mind blowing. I started to write out the set list but as my phone was low on battery and I felt rude using my phone as I was one of the dozen or so people in the venue. I did use my phone to record the concert poorly. I started the recording right at the end of the first song, Nashville Parthenon.

Here’s the setlist:
Nashville Parthenon
I Love Creedence
New Year’s Kiss
Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended at Ace Hardware in Libertyville, IL
Optimist Vs the Silent Alarm (When the Saints go Marching in)
Natural Light
Traveling Salesman’s Young Wife Home Alone on Christmas in Montpelier, VT
Man O’ War
Harsh the Herald Angels Sing
You Were Alone
Cold White Christmas
Bobby Malone Moves Home
Don’t They Have Payphones Wherever You Were Last Night
The Subway Home
White Jetta

I don’t know if you’ve noticed a patern in the setlist but they played Vs Childeren straight through, in order. EXCEPT for the one song on the album I really wanted to hear. Lucky for me you can’t hear my groan on tape when after playing Man O’ War, Owen says the next song they’re going to play is Killers. D’oh! I was really looking forward to hearing it as when I emailed Owen in March he said they were practicing it. There’s always tonight’s concert right? Other than that though, the full band was great to see live and the trombone and trumpets added a really nice touch to the songs. I’m really looking forward to tonights concert.

I swear this “Northfield, MN” song is turning into my new “Twin Human Highway Flares”. I’m going to record tonights concert on my phone again, the audio quality is really horrible but it’s good for me to construct a setlist afterwards (it’s hard to remember all the songs played and their order!)

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