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Megabus NYC > Boston

Megabus from NYC to Boston

I started out this trip running late, which is always a bad thing. Afraid that I would miss my train to New York, I rushed out of the door to the train station. Once I got into Princeton Junction, I was just in time to see the train leave for New York. Panicked, I ran the train schedule to see when the next train was. Much to my dismay, the shedule read that the next train wouldn’t leave for another half hour and wouldn’t arrive in New York until a full 10 minutes after my bus was to leave bound for Boston.

I had thought that when I was at home I noticed there was an express that ran between these two trains, but the schedule didn’t say it so I was worried. What do I do when I’m worried that everything is falling apart at the seams with no way to fix it? I called the SUPERPOPE. The SUPERPOPE confirmed that there was an express train that would get me into New York on time. Just as that crisis was averted, another began.

I had forgotten my confirmation for the bus on the floor of my bedroom! Megabus was very clear that the only thing you needed to get on the bus was your ID and the confirmation number. Calmly, cooly and brilliantly the SUPERPOPE offered to look up my number on my email and text me the number. EVERYTHING WAS COMING UP MILLHOUSE.

I get to New York and head out of Penn Station to look for the bus stop. I had read reviews online where the only complaint was that the bus stop was dificult to find. I knew from Google Maps which corner of Penn Station to leave from and the bus stop was right at the top of the staris. Sure it wasn’t a giant sign but it was still clearly marked and there were already lines for other buses heading to Megabus’ other locations.

I got in line a half hour before the bus was scheduled to leave, as per the email (that I had left behind!) and was fairly close to the front of the line. The staff was friendly and when they weren’t helping the travelers out, they were making sure the area was nice and clean. Having my reservation number via text message wasn’t a problem and I got right on the beautiful bus and headed right up to the upper deck.

The seats are comfortable and remind me of the amtrack seats. For every pair of seats there is one outlet which worked for me because I was lucky enough to have my row to myself. The bus had free wifi but it didn’t kick in until we started driving and it also shut off for some reason when we crossed into MA.

The trip took about 4 and a half hours and was pretty smooth. The only part of the trip I got a little car sick on was when we were leaving New York with all the starts and stops and turns. Once we hit the highway we were golden. The driver was excellent and not one moment did I feel as if I had taken my life into my hands just to save some cash.

Remember, the trip cost me a total of $5.75 each way, less than the price of 2 gallons of gas. So far I believe that the Megabus is an incredible value and WILL be using it again and again anytime I need to come up to Boston. Lets just hope they don’t make me eat my words with a terrible return trip.

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