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VS System Tournament Report

This past Sunday was our Build a Legend Tournament for VS System at my local card show. It’s a standard Silver Age (i.e. last four sets for both Marvel and DC) constructed format, with the extra wrinkle of requiring at least twelve cards that name a specific character, whether in the name of the card or the text box. We ended up having our standard extremely small turnout for a non City Championships, originally with three people showing up. We had to draft one of the players’ mother as the fourth player. She didn’t have a deck on her, which led to me giving her the deck I was planning to play, a pretty straightforward Punisher deck that’s predicated on combat. I went to a backup deck, a Darkseid legend based around tons of substituting and Unravel Reality abuse. Beyond those two decks were Brian’s Joker legend using The Joke’s On You to bounce lower drop characters that also has some of the standard Injustice Gang handfill/burn and Los’ Outsiders/Teen Titans deck with a Tim Drake legend treatment. The four players meant three rounds with the best record taking the tournament.



Round 1: Los’ Tim Drake

I had no idea what to expect from Los’ deck. I knew he was playing Tim Drake, so I knew Titans would figure in to the build pretty heavily. When he dropped Katana on two and Kimiyo Hoshi <> Dr. Light on three, I discovered how much the deck was predicated on Outsiders, arguably more than Titans. However, He couldn’t get his Team-Up online, which pretty much completely gimped his strategy and made Dr. Light pretty much useless. He still was able to KO my five drop with Katana’s effect and a Follow the Leader. This annoyed me, so I used a substitute combination of Dark Martian, Dark Lantern, Dark Thanagarian and Samantha Parrington to get a little extra burn with Unravel Reality before Dark Kryptonian smacked him around for close to 30 with two swings. Win for me



Round 2: Brian’s Joker

This wasn’t really a match. The only character Brian managed to play was San on 2 to search out Injustice Gang Satellite. He missed on one and three and scooped after missing Joker on four.



Round 3: Los’ Mom’s Punisher (AKA My Punisher)

She kept a hand she wasn’t necessarily thrilled with, and ended up not playing anything until she dropped a Punisher, Guns Blazing on turn four with two Desert Eagles. A Lord of Apokolips and power up allowed me to one way Punisher on four with my Apokoliptian Oppressor. She ended up doing quite a bit to me on five with an Uni Power on Punisher rushing him into the hidden area and smacking around my Dark Firestorm. I lost nearly half my endurance on five thanks to Punisher and Vengeance, but came back with a big attack on Punisher turn six with Dark Kryptonian and a team attack on 6 drop Ghost Rider to put her in the negatives.



So I swept the tournament and walked out with four packs of DC Legends, the Flash T-Shirt, four Ring of the Sinestro Corps, four Parallax, as well as a couple of other promo cards as door prizes in the form of Reign of Apocolypse, Teen Supremes and Hush. Good day for me overall, and this should definitely help my Constructed rating, which will hopefully be another way to get an invite to Worlds.

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