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DCBS Shipment II

I’m going to be throwing in overall thoughts about the series’ this time, as well as the reasoning why each book fits into its place in the stack.

1. Captain Marvel #3 (Brian Reed/Lee Weeks) – This is apparently a super important issue for the beginnings of Secret Invasion, and is apparently touted as being as important as New Avengers #31 and New Avengers: Illuminati #5. Skrull reveals, here we come! I’m digging this series so far. Mar-Vell is my second favorite character in the Marvel universe, and I really like how Reed is playing his character in (sort of) knowing that he is fated to die in the past, thus creating the issue of temporal paradox if he is injured/killed/etc in the present before he returns to his own timeline. Good, good stuff.

2. Annihilation: Conquest #4 (Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning/Tom Raney) – To say I love cosmic comic stories is an understatement. Just about anything involving Galactus or Thanos or Ronan the Accuser is awesome. The cosmic aspect of the Dark Phoenix Saga was my favorite part of that story. So it’s safe to say I loved Annihilation, and thus love its sequel as well. The cast of characters is great. The Phalanx is super cool. Ultron being behind everything makes perfect sense. Plus we’ve got the return of Warlock to his proper form and new characters like Wraith and Moondragon’s current appearance. It’s all good stuff, and would easily be at the top if not for the Mar-Velly goodness.

3. New Avengers #38 (Brian Michael Bendis/Michael Gaydos) – I looooooved the end of the second New Avengers Annual. It was very well executed in showing the other side of how people have to deal with the pressures of fighting outside of registration. This will mostly deal with the fallout between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones that grows out of that last page of the annual. There’s always a chance for some Secret Invasion love as well. New Avengers as a series is just solid gold, and one of those essential titles that you need to read for a true appreciation of the Marvel Universe. It’s Marvel’s version of the JLA, and just as important.

4. The Twelve #2 (J. Michael Straczynski/Chris Weston) – Golden Age Marvel characters no one cared about being brought into the present and having to deal with things like registration and prevailing paranoia about the government that they never even would have thought about questioning. The last page of issue one was so good and so crazy that it makes you really want to keep going immediately. This type of purely episodic storytelling (or so I assume it’ll work out to be) is the perfect book to read month to month. I wouldn’t be surprised if it loses something in the trade by taking away those weeks to reflect and reread and think up crazy theories and such. Sure, it’s only been one issue, but it was a damned good one.

5. Nova Annual #1 (Dan Abnett/Wellington Alves Klebs Jr & Mahmud Asrar) – More cosmicy goodness from the guys who are writing Annihilation: Conquest. I like the way that Nova both is and isn’t tied in with Conquest, as he’s out on his own but still dealing with trying to find a way to save Kree space. It’s a very good series so far, and hopefully will be around for a long time as a backbone ongoing for the Marvel cosmic universe.

6. Punisher War Journal #16 (Matt Fraction/Howard Chaykin) – Chaykin starts on the book, which is awesome. Matt Fraction’s still writing it, which is awesomer. This is a new arc, and I’m assuming it might have something to do with GW Bridge’s creation of a female fighting force to take down Frank Castle. Everything about this has been good so far, and I don’t see why it would stop now.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11 (Joss Whedon/Georges Jeanty) – A quick one shot before the Drew Goddard arc begins next month. This one looks to focus on Buffy, which we haven’t gotten much of during the Faith arc (which was awesome, thanks to Brian K Vaughn). Should be a nice change of pace. Both Buffy and Angel have been excellent so far (aside from the craptacular first issue of Angel, which has gotten SO much better), and it’s so nice to see these stories continuing.

8. Booster Gold #0 (Geoff Johns & Jeff Katz/Dan Jurgens) – The silliness of the numbering of this issue comes from it being an official Zero Hour crossover, of all things. Booster goes back in time attempting to get home and runs right into Hal Jordan during his Parallax phase. I’m still ambivalent about this series. I really don’t like some of the choices they’ve made, but at the same time, the writing is fun and good. If the writing tails off, this thing’s getting dropped. It’s on the cusp.

9. Fantastic Four #554 (Mark Millar/Brian Hitch) – I’m jumping on because of the new team. I have no idea what to expect, and have never really read the FF in any full capacity. This should be interesting.

10. Green Lantern Corps #21 (Sterling Gates/Nelson) – I’m behind on the Lantern books post Sinestro Corps War, and part of me wants to drop them, but another part of me wants to keep up with them in anticipation for the big Color War crossover in 2009. I’ll catch up on them soon enough.

11. Justice Society of America #12 (Geoff Johns & Alex Ross/Dale Eaglesham & Ruy Jose) – I’ve already dropped JSA for the rest of this arc, but the wonder of preordering comics means I’ve still got two coming. I don’t care about Kingdom Come Superman. I didn’t see the big deal about Kingdom Come at all. It was good, but I didn’t even come close to enjoying it as much as everyone else seems to. Thus, an entire (very long) arc about Kingdom Come isn’t going to interest me. I’ll keep my eye on the solicits to see what the next arc is going to be, and maybe pick it up again. But maybe not.

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