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DC’s the new 52

Well it happened, I’ve gone from a complete Marvel Zombie to being all about the new DCU. How did this happen so suddenly? Well for one my decision to move from floppy comics to the comixology app made it easier to get that next fix wherever I was and the other thing you may have heard about.

Back in September, DC relaunched 52 comics starting with new number ones and brand new jumping on points. I decided to give it a shot, picking up a few comics that seemed interesting. Now I’m up to about a dozen titles and really having fun. In addition to that, the video game DC Universe Online was recently changed to free-to-play. Why not give it a shot if you’ve got the extra 11 or so gigabytes free on your hard drive. The intro movie is worth the space for sure.

And that’s a short update on why I’ve been obsessing over DC comics recently. Oh and don’t get me started on their Blackest Friday sale, I feel like this is going to get more expensive than Steam!

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