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My Modern Warfare 3 wishlist

New Kill Streaks:

Laser-guided drone missile strike
This would be in the form of a laser sight on your weapon. You would activate it and point the laser to where you wanted the drone to strike. I would like this to take the place of the remote R/C car that Black Ops uses. Advantages are that it’s quick to use and you wouldn’t be left vulnerable while controlling the missile strike. The fact that you must stay within sight of your target would help balance the perk.

Stealth chopper
Like the stealth choppers we’ve heard about in the Osama Bin Laden raid, these choppers would not be detectable on the radar. Either they would not show up or your radar would be scrambled when they were flying over. The advantages to the scrambled radar are that it would balance out those players that use scrambler, a mostly unused perk.

New Perks:

Short fuse/defuse kit
When planting the bomb the timer is shortened by 10 seconds, 20 for pro. On the defending team defusing the bomb would be faster.

New Features:

Pro kill streaks
Just like having pro perks, if you meet set requirements for your kill streak you can unlock the pro version. The pro kill streak would only offer a slight advantage to its non-pro counterpart. For example, your UAV may stay up for an extra 30 seconds, you could get two predator missiles or it could take an extra rocket to take down your Chopper Gunner / AC-130.

Hardcore versions of every game type
Many people complain about the lack of stopping power in Black Ops. I thought it was a good idea to remove it. In response to the lack of Stopping Power, you should be able to play every game type in Hardcore mode.

More Prestige
I think that Black Ops got it right with the level 50 mark as the top. The worst part of the online leveling is when it stops. I don’t understand why it can’t be infinite, other than the fact that eventually you’ll run out of symbols.

More Customization
Black Ops did a great thing with the emblem editor. I’d like to see this continue and even go as far as being able to customize the look of your gun by editing your own camouflage, and change up what your character looks like.

New Stats:

Partial game win/loss separated from full game win/loss
This idea isn’t really mine but I really like it. As a player, I’m not too concerned with my kill to death ratio but more with if I win the objective. Even if this a Call of Duty Elite stat, I would really enjoy it.

Remove the following:

Last Stand
When you’re dead you’re dead. I understand the advantages for the perk in a game like Search & Destroy but for the most part it’s just an annoying after-thought.

One Man Army
There wasn’t any One Man Army perk in Black Ops which was a good thing and I’d like to see that continue with MW3.

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