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Wild Pig Convention Spring 2011

Much to my surprise, today was the Wild Pig convention for the spring and I was driving past it after leaving Brooklyn. I had decided that I was going to stop by so I could drop off a donation to get Jamie from Comic Geek Speak to England. I suggest everyone listen to CGS, go to the Super Show and if you can, donate to help out. He’s a wonderful guy and deserves better than what he’s been dealt.

Of course I couldn’t just go to a comic convention without getting something, especially one as great as the Wild Pig con. 50% off trades and 50¢ back issues, this is a buying con. I ended up grabbing Daytripper, the first two trades of Unwritten and all seven Scalped trades.

Walt Simonson was a guest, I got very excited to see him again. He’s a really nice guy and tells hilarious stories about being in the comics industry. I ran out to my car and grabbed my Nerf Mjolnir and brought it in for him to sign.

Walt will also draw you a free head sketch as long as you provide the paper. I quickly grabbed a comment card, with permission, and asked for an Orion sketch for my best friend Kevin. Walt talked about how much fun he had drawing the series and wishes it could be released as an omnibus just to have more fans.

It was a great cap to a wonderful vacation, going back to work tomorrow is going to be tough!

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