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Mountain Goats 3/30/2011

At 2pm the band played a radio show at WNYC, it was only three songs long but a lot of fun.

Liza Forever Minelli
Age of Kings
Damn These Vampires

Still looking for the setlist from the Bowery show. No drinking for me last night, I remember this very clearly, but not the order! After the concert we went out to a diner for the SUPERPOPEā€™s birthday. Love Love Love was played as well as a slew of songs from the previous nights, which are all so great. The band was really going crazy playing and Craig Finn sang Palmcorder Yajna and This Year with the guys.

I found the setlist, with thanks to Zach for posting it.

Liza Forever Minnelli
Southwood Plantation Road
Dinu Lipatti’s Bones
Damn These Vampires
Seeing Daylight (vegan version)
Outer Scorpion Squadron (w/ Yuval)
You Were Cool
Love Love Love
Matthew 25:21
Age of Kings
Broom People
Prowl Great Cain
Snow Crush Killing Song
Never Quite Free
Palmcorder Yajna (w/ Craig Finn)
No Children
That Year (w/ Craig Finn & Megafaun)
The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

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