Sounded Good On Paper

Mountain Goats 3/29/2011

I can’t find the setlist for this concert yet. They played Shower and Garden Grove and I had a great time. Drank too much, went to a bar after the show and drank some more. Laughing with friends and meeting new ones, then Peter walks into the bar. It was a good night, no AKs were used.

Here’s the setlist with thanks to treefeet on the forums.

Liza Forever Minelli
Psalm 40:2
Damn These Vampires
Home Again Garden Grive
For Charles Bronson
Southwood Plantation Road
Seeing Daylight
Song for Dana Plato
Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
You Were Cool
Age of Kings
Jeff Davis County Blues
Birth of Serpents
Broom People
Dinu Lupatti’s Bones
Never Quite Free
This Year
Outer Scorpion Squadron
Estate Sale Sign
Palmcorder Yajna
Plain cover of Silkworm
Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

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