Sounded Good On Paper

Mountain Goats 3/28/2011

Tonight was the first of a three night stay at the Bowery Ballroom. The band had incredible energy and you could tell they were having a blast. I had hidden away of Old Granddad and brought it to the venue for the band. Listening to old bootlegs, you can tell that OGD is a favorite of Johns and during the solo set he saw the bottle on stage and cracked it open and took swigs from the bottle all bitter and clean.

Here’s the setlist, which I got from the bands forums.

Liza Forever Minelli
Southwood Plantation Road
Broom People
Estate Sale Sign
Birth of Serpents
Seeing Daylight
Going To Port Washington
High Hawk Season
You Were Cool
Outer Scorpion Squadron
Jeff Davis County Blues
Prowl Great Cain
Family Happiness
Damn These Vampires
This Year w/ Craig Finn of The Hold Steady
No Children
Going to Georgia
Plain by Silkworm (cover) 
Palmcorder Yajna

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