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My thought of the day while at work

So I have this large bananna on my desk and im not hungry because I ate taco bell (whole other story), so I decided I dont want to eat the bananna.  I was thinking about offering to a girl I work with but I realized my mind is so sick and twisted that if I tried to offer a banna to any girl I would not be able to do it with a strait face…..think about it.

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A little moment in Petes work day

There is this slamming girl in an interview over here and I was talking to my buddy and I said “I am freaking in love with this girl I hope she gets hired” and this portly girl next to his desk stared me down soooo bad. She followed me with her eyes all the way down the hall. The best part is everyone could see the interview because the room has glass walls. So she clearly saw who I was talking about. It was my zen moment of the day.

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